Air Torque S.p.A.



Air Torque S.p.A. wants to provide, through its organization and process, industrial valve actuators of superior standards.

In doing so, Air Torque S.p.A. declares its willingness to operate according to a quality system with the aim of achieving the established objectives of continuous improvement.

Air Torque S.p.A. undertakes to fulfill all legal and regulatory requirements applicable or any other requirements that Air Torque S.p.A. may subscribe in relation to quality requirements, whether this may be with Clients or with other interested parties.

The principles established in the Quality Manual and the application methods contained in the System Procedures must be observed by all Air Torque S.p.A. employees and by those operating under its control.

In doing so, the Air Torque S.p.A. Managements promotes awareness meetings and training, as well as instruction courses with the specific aim of improving the professionalism of the personnel and their involvement in achieving the corporate objectives and, at the same time, the level of awareness of personal responsibilities regarding the Quality.


In order to satisfy restrictive requirements, Air Torque S.p.A. has structured an internal fully equipped organization of quality control and actuators testing supported by specialized and qualified staff.

Every activity is performed under Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and dedicated procedures.

ISO 9001 : 2015

ATEX 2014/34/EU

DNV Type Approval


EU Declaration of conformity

IP67 & IP68 - Degree of protection

TR CU 010/2011

TR CU 012/2011

UKSI 2016 : 1107




Health, safety and environment

Self Consumed Energy: 96%

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Energy Produced : 17%

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Protecting people’s health, safety and protecting the environment are core values of Air Torque S.p.A. in conducting and developing its activities.

These principles are an integral part of the Air Torque sustainability Policies, and they are a key component of the Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Air Torque strategies for sustainable development are focused in using materials and natural resources responsibly, with a view to contributing to sustainable growth for the environment and future generations.

Recycled Waste : 65%

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Solar Power (kWh): 80%

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Air Torque promotes its culture of health and safety by deploying a “zero injuries” policy,  through the identification, assessment and prevention of risks and by putting in place quick corrective actions.

Air Torque also promote and incentivize its policies for health, safety and environmental awareness to the whole supply chain with a focus to the entirety of its stakeholders.